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Starting February 28th, ending April 4th.

Hope you can make it out to our 6 Week Yoga Series!

Jessica Louibrand is a local yoga teacher, Pranic Healer, adventurer, and researcher for Psy-Tek Labs.  She travels the world and spends most of her time learning the latest in subtle energy science! You can catch some of her inspiring and truth seeking energy  just being around her! And maybe next time she heads out for 2 months to Thailand, or a trek through Machu Picchu you can say to yourself, “ya, I love my community, we are always inspiring each-other to level up and live fully!”

Looking forward to seeing you in class Tuesday! Mention this post and bring a friend for half off their first class with us! (like how it’s just hidden in the text? gotta read the whole thing to get the discounts 😉




Self-LOVE on Valentine’s Day

“Within my body are all the sacred places of the world,” the Buddhist saint Saraha once said, “and the most profound pilgrimage that I can ever make is within my own body.”

Join us at INNER TEMPLE for a most profound heart opening, soul nourishing, redefining of Valentine’s day! We celebrate the love within, the journey to the love we seek… the aliveness and wisdom we can access through true tantra.

It is often mis-interpreted, what tantra really means. Some think it is purely sexual, and this is not the case. The word “tantra” means “to weave through,” a metaphor that points to the vibrant fabric of intelligent and living energies that make up the essence of every cell of your body, every fleeting thought you have, and every particle of the universe. Entering this undefiled and ever-renewing reality is the promise of the tantric path.

This path is for us as individuals, but can also take form in union with another soul, as we support and facilitate one another by stepping fully into our own mastery. Please join us as we find our highest expression on this day of LOVE, coming together to illuminate the path within.


Yoga BENEFITING Nepal <3

INNER TEMPLE (6).jpgJoin us!

7am Sunrise Vinyasa

8am Gentle Flow

Starting this Tuesday the 31st at EVE

Help raise money for NEPAL!
This is part of a 4 week series.

Shagun Kumar Pradhan will be leading us through a restoritive // gentle flow class. His yin style flow class is rebalancing and supports the nervous system to stabalize itself through easy movements that bring awarenss and relaxation at a cellular level. Shagun is also a dancer, so he incorporates his unique style into his practice, making it both expressive and expansive, healing for the whole being.

Shagun traveled accross the states on a bike this last year raising money for Nepal after the natural disaster and devistation that they endured. $5 from every individual entrance fee to his classes is donated directly to Nepal and their local population to support rebuilding and restoring their lives.

1 class $15
all 4 classes $45 (get one free when you purchase all 4 weeks)

We accept paypal and cash at the door.

Meeting at EVE
575 S. Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas, ca

Winter Solstice

Join us for the last Inner Temple of 2016! It’s Winter Solstice and we’re celebrating the 3rd-Eye chakra with our special guests Illup & Blake!INNER TEMPLE (1).jpg
DEC 20th // 7-9pm // EVE Encinitas, 575 S. Coast Hwy 101

LINK TO DISCOUNT TICKETS on EVENTbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/inner-temple-3rd-eye-chakra-ceremony-worksh See More

This week’s featured alchemist is traveling out from Arizona! Come show some love for Illup at our ceremony 7pm Tuesday December 20th!! Here is a bit of his story…

Steeping himself in the desert wilds for many years, learning the ways of nature and the messages of the medicinal plants of the Southwest; Illup Gravengaard is an herbalist, alchemist, and perfumist founding the award-winning high-vibration healthy lifestyle brand Kejiwa (meaning “Of the soul”).

He has been featured for his creations on the Travel Channel’s world-wide show “Bizarre Foods.” In print, Illup has been featured from the local Red Rock Newspaper to the International “Trinity” magazine of Japan. Illup’s Kejiwa Prickly Pear Kombucha won Best Beverage Award at the international Raw Living Expo. His healing herbal endeavors include Spagyric alchemical herbal tinctures, Gold Ormus mineral supplements, Aromatherapy mists, Organic perfumes, Kombucha, “Cohmbeesha” (honey-kombucha), and more.

Illup lives and works in Sedona sharing Medicinal Plant Walks, Wild Tea Ceremonies, Astro-Herbalism & Alchemy Classes, Herbal Medicine Consultations, Full Moon Alchemy Ceremonies, Mystical Land Adventures, and Alchemical DNA Activations.



Then, Blake Spencer will share her Breath of Blake workshop with us, a true connection with body and soul in this psychedelic journey guided by breath and presence. What a way to finish out the year! Hope to see you there!



Sacral Chakra

Tomorrow, NOV 22nd, we celebrate and honor the Sacral Chakra… the passion, creativity, connectivity and healing space that represents our reproductive and collaborative energies.

We will have Shaman Shack as our featured alchemist, sharing herbs and elixirs for us to use in ritual. We will have an opportunity to share in a community circle, and to listen in a safe space that is held by our collective love and appreciation for one another.

For our evening workshop, Kirti will be teaching us Nrittya Yoga from 8-9pm, a dance of the spirit, a celebration of life in movement, inviting the soul to animate the body freely to simply Self-express… I hope you will join us!



We are sacral.jpgso grateful for this AMAZING community! You all have really shown up in a big way, making this space we inhabit at Eve so full of support, love, and collaboration… This is where we thrive! When we work together as a community to lift each other up, honor our brothers and sisters in the tribe and welcome newcomers… it is such a blessing to each other and ourselves. As we connect, share, contribute, and listen, we can co-create a reality that supports us all to be our best, harnessing the strength in numbers to make a difference… to make a change… to go beyond survival and into belonging. This is the vision…. WE ARE HERE TO SERVE, we are here to heal, WE ARE HERE TO UNITE ❤

AND, what a better week to honor and celebrate this energy of collaboration and service, as we enter the 2nd week of our chakra series, the Sacral energy center. Here’s what you can look forward to!

NOV 22nd…

Orange // Sacral Chakra // Water (Ice/Steam/Fog/Mist) // Reproductive Organs //
Together let us Heal Relationships with others
Together let us Celebrate Passion
The lesson of this chakra is to honor others.

10-6 Wellness market and community healing clinic
6-7 Community Dinner Hour
7-8 Tea Ceremony with Rehmannia Dean Thomas ($5)
8-9 Spirit Movement with Dance Instructor Kirti Srivastava ($10)

Our Evening events this week include a sacred Tea Ceremony with alchemist Rehmannia Dean Thomas focused on Sacral Chakra energy and intentions, and a movement/spirit dance class with Kirti Srivastava to celebrate the sacral center, the passionate nature that inspires our movements and physical form, as it is animated by the spirit.

Thanks Earth Elements!

Wow! We are thrilled to announce our newest sponsor, Earth Elements! They will be beautifying our space with their magical elements, creating that temple feel with crystals, altars, and tapestries!

Come back and explore our practitioner area Nov. 1st during our soft open! You can talk with the practitioners, make appointments and enjoy the tranquil space. The Temple will be open from 10-1pm Nov 1st., and 10-6pm as of Nov. 8th and onward.

Thank you Thank you Thank you, Earth Elements!!! You can find them two doors down from Eve on the South Coast HWY, where they offer unique gifts and sacred earthly art, just like what they are decorating Eve with for our Inner Temple events!!



We’re Expanding!

Our first post!

Jacquelyne here… I’ve been running INNER TEMPLE every Tuesday night since March of 2016 at EVE. After 8 months of donation based workshops, I’m excited to announce that INNER TEMPLE is   E  X  P  A  N  D  I  N  G!

To begin with, INNER TEMPLE  was a fun side project with no budget, and while I enjoyed connecting with the small community that continued to support my vision I wanted more… More impact, more people, more connection! From the start I’ve wanted this project to be about community. My passion is to advocate, facilitate, and inspire connection to Source and resources. Through these connections we heal, learn, grow, explore, and discover new possibilities that can transform our perceptions and our lives. So… It’s time. Starting November 1st, INNER TEMPLE will be turning into a weekly Holistic Marketplace!

In order to make this dream a reality, I knew I needed help. Luckily 😉 the universe already had that covered, and Hopi Ryder, alchemist and goddess of Ozone therapy, shared my vision and excitement, and had the experience to help make it happen. So, we have partnered in this project and are blissfully dedicated to making INNER TEMPLE a weekly Holistic Market that you will want to keep coming back to!

The first event, Nov 1st is a soft open. We will be there from 10-5pm with local vendors,  and Holistic practitioners. Come by for vitamin injections, sound healing, Ayurvedic counseling and other alternative methods. Shop for conscious products from local entrepreneurs, like oils from XUXO Healing, adaptogens from Sunhorse, nutrition bars from Marcie Peters, and others.  And, that’s just the beginning!

Starting November 8th, we will be extending the event into the night with ceremony and dance once a month, and continuing our evening workshops… So stay tuned! If you want to get involved, I’d love to hear from you! Thank you to the TRIBE, thank you Scott Steele for patiently believing in my vision, and thank you universe for ENCINITAS!!! ❤