Self-LOVE on Valentine’s Day

“Within my body are all the sacred places of the world,” the Buddhist saint Saraha once said, “and the most profound pilgrimage that I can ever make is within my own body.”

Join us at INNER TEMPLE for a most profound heart opening, soul nourishing, redefining of Valentine’s day! We celebrate the love within, the journey to the love we seek… the aliveness and wisdom we can access through true tantra.

It is often mis-interpreted, what tantra really means. Some think it is purely sexual, and this is not the case. The word “tantra” means “to weave through,” a metaphor that points to the vibrant fabric of intelligent and living energies that make up the essence of every cell of your body, every fleeting thought you have, and every particle of the universe. Entering this undefiled and ever-renewing reality is the promise of the tantric path.

This path is for us as individuals, but can also take form in union with another soul, as we support and facilitate one another by stepping fully into our own mastery. Please join us as we find our highest expression on this day of LOVE, coming together to illuminate the path within.

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