We are sacral.jpgso grateful for this AMAZING community! You all have really shown up in a big way, making this space we inhabit at Eve so full of support, love, and collaboration… This is where we thrive! When we work together as a community to lift each other up, honor our brothers and sisters in the tribe and welcome newcomers… it is such a blessing to each other and ourselves. As we connect, share, contribute, and listen, we can co-create a reality that supports us all to be our best, harnessing the strength in numbers to make a difference… to make a change… to go beyond survival and into belonging. This is the vision…. WE ARE HERE TO SERVE, we are here to heal, WE ARE HERE TO UNITE ❤

AND, what a better week to honor and celebrate this energy of collaboration and service, as we enter the 2nd week of our chakra series, the Sacral energy center. Here’s what you can look forward to!

NOV 22nd…

Orange // Sacral Chakra // Water (Ice/Steam/Fog/Mist) // Reproductive Organs //
Together let us Heal Relationships with others
Together let us Celebrate Passion
The lesson of this chakra is to honor others.

10-6 Wellness market and community healing clinic
6-7 Community Dinner Hour
7-8 Tea Ceremony with Rehmannia Dean Thomas ($5)
8-9 Spirit Movement with Dance Instructor Kirti Srivastava ($10)

Our Evening events this week include a sacred Tea Ceremony with alchemist Rehmannia Dean Thomas focused on Sacral Chakra energy and intentions, and a movement/spirit dance class with Kirti Srivastava to celebrate the sacral center, the passionate nature that inspires our movements and physical form, as it is animated by the spirit.

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