We’re Expanding!

Our first post!

Jacquelyne here… I’ve been running INNER TEMPLE every Tuesday night since March of 2016 at EVE. After 8 months of donation based workshops, I’m excited to announce that INNER TEMPLE is   E  X  P  A  N  D  I  N  G!

To begin with, INNER TEMPLE  was a fun side project with no budget, and while I enjoyed connecting with the small community that continued to support my vision I wanted more… More impact, more people, more connection! From the start I’ve wanted this project to be about community. My passion is to advocate, facilitate, and inspire connection to Source and resources. Through these connections we heal, learn, grow, explore, and discover new possibilities that can transform our perceptions and our lives. So… It’s time. Starting November 1st, INNER TEMPLE will be turning into a weekly Holistic Marketplace!

In order to make this dream a reality, I knew I needed help. Luckily 😉 the universe already had that covered, and Hopi Ryder, alchemist and goddess of Ozone therapy, shared my vision and excitement, and had the experience to help make it happen. So, we have partnered in this project and are blissfully dedicated to making INNER TEMPLE a weekly Holistic Market that you will want to keep coming back to!

The first event, Nov 1st is a soft open. We will be there from 10-5pm with local vendors,  and Holistic practitioners. Come by for vitamin injections, sound healing, Ayurvedic counseling and other alternative methods. Shop for conscious products from local entrepreneurs, like oils from XUXO Healing, adaptogens from Sunhorse, nutrition bars from Marcie Peters, and others.  And, that’s just the beginning!

Starting November 8th, we will be extending the event into the night with ceremony and dance once a month, and continuing our evening workshops… So stay tuned! If you want to get involved, I’d love to hear from you! Thank you to the TRIBE, thank you Scott Steele for patiently believing in my vision, and thank you universe for ENCINITAS!!! ❤


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